Submit a Room for Rent Ad

Please understand that it is a privilege to post your room for rent on this board.  Any postings that violate our students rights or pose a danger or threat to anyone reading these postings will be removed immediately.


Off Campus Rooms for Rent Form

  • If someone is calling for more information about your post, who should they ask for? (For security purposes this does not have to be a complete name, but must at least be a first name.)
  • Please create a title for your post. Try to use brief, descriptive words that will allow students to know what is being offered before reading the entire post. Example: Room for Rent near Galleria, or Room for Rent with access to pool etc.
  • Please give a description and details about your room for rent. Please be sure to include all amenities the room rental would include and share cross streets so it is easy for students to see how far it is from campus- without you having to give the exact location in your ad.
  • Please select one.
  • If you'd like to upload a photo of your room for rent, please do so here. You may also upload a file for a printable flier and we can post that on our physical room for rent board as well.