TPA Information

Teaching Performance Assessment

For questions, contact the TPA Coordinator, Jill Wolfe

Task 1: Subject Specific Pedagogy
Task 2: Designing Instruction
Task 3: Assessing Learning
Task 4: Culminating Teaching Experience

Templates & Submission Forms

Blank templates are provided below for the four TPA tasks. When clicked, download should begin immediately.

Before submitting the task due date, complete the corresponding submission form below and submit the task according to the instructor’s requirements.

Task 1 [blank template -MS] 
Task 1 [blank template-SS English]
Task 1 [blank template-SS Math]
Task 1 Submission Form

Task 2 [blank template]
Task 2 Submission Form

Task 3 [blank template]
Task 3 Submission Form

Task 4 [blank template]
Task 4 Submission Form

Accommodation Request

WJU will follow the institution’s established policies regarding appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. However, there are some accommodations that cannot be allowed because it may jeopardize the scoring process.

Some acceptable accommodations include:

Extended time

Some unacceptable accommodations include:

Assistance from teacher education professionals
Further explanation of prompts

If you believe that you qualify for accommodations, please fill in the form below for TPA Coordinator approval. If you do not acquire prior approval for accommodations, your TPA may be rejected.

TPA Accommodation Request Form

Score Appeal Form

At WJU, the appeal process begins after your second TPA task submission at the end of the semester. If you would like to appeal your score, you must submit this form no later than seven days after the scores are reported. After you have completed this form, you will have an additional seven days to complete the following:

State your name, fieldwork course, task name and earned score
Include a detailed statement on your desired outcome after the appeal
Include a detailed statement supporting your appeal
Include evidence that supports your appeal

Submit the completed information to the TPA Coordinator. It will be reviewed and presented to the Liberal Studies & Credentialing advisory council in a timely manner.

[Please note this procedure may prolong or inhibit your ability to enroll into the next fieldwork course.]

TPA Score Appeal Form