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Book an appointment in advance or drop-in to see if a tutor is available. Location: Learning Commons.

The Writing Center inspires excellence in writing by providing quality writing tutorials and small group instruction to all university students within a safe and supportive environment. We provide face-to-face tutoring on our Rocklin campus for traditional undergrad (TUG), Academic Degree Completion (ADC), and graduate students, as well as online tutoring for online, ADC, graduate, and distance (Bay Area) students. Login or register on our appointment scheduler to view Writing Center hours and book an appointment with a writing tutor. Choose the “Writing Center” drop-down calendar for traditional face-to-face appointments.

What you can expect during a tutoring session:

  • 30 minutes of individualized writing assistance, targeting the specific needs of your assignment.
  • Peer tutors equipped to help you with all phases of the writing process: from initial brainstorming and developing thesis statements to structuring paragraphs and formatting a final draft.
  • A collaborative, shared space within the Learning Commons.
  • *We are not a proofreading or editing service. Instead, we offer developmental (big picture) feedback or paragraph and sentence level feedback.

How you can prepare for a tutoring session:

  • Come with an objective. Are you looking for help with APA formatting, forming an argument, sentence structure?
  • Bring your paper (printed draft or on a laptop) and any assignment prompt that would be helpful.
  • Book an appointment as far in advance as you like, as long as they aren’t back-to-back.
  • RememberTurn It In only accepts Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) files, so if you do not have a subscription to Word, be prepared to write/upload your paper to Google Docs and download as a Word file before submitting.

Register on our online scheduler to book an appointment. 

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The Writing Center offers writing support to all university students, including online tutoring for ADC, online, graduate, and distance (Bay Area) students. Login or register on our appointment scheduler to view Writing Center hours and book an appointment with a writing tutor. Choose the “Online Writing Center” drop-down calendar for online appointments. Online appointments are hosted through Google Hangouts, so please make sure you’re logged into your WJU Gmail account a few minutes before your scheduled appointment, and your writing tutor will extend a Hangout call to you.

What you can expect during a session and how you can prepare:

  • 60 minutes, one-on-one
  • Hosted through Google Hangouts
  • Friendly, qualified tutors
  • Use of screen sharing feature to make it easy to follow along
  • Email a copy of your draft (brainstorming is fine, too!)
  • Developmental critique, not proofreading
  • We don’t allow back-to-back appointments, but you can schedule as many as you like in advance

Register on our online scheduler to book an appointment. 


Questions? Email writingcenter@jessup.edu.