1. SELF-STUDY – conducted in 2015-16

The self-study is the institution’s process of gathering data and reflecting on its current functioning and effectiveness under the Standards.  A candid self-study, with broad engagement of the institutional community, provides the foundation for a high quality institutional report.  More than 100 employees participated in our self-review, led by the Review Steering Committee.



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Federal law requires every institution coming under review for reaffirmation of accreditation to demonstrate that it is in compliance with the Standards and CFRs of the accrediting association. In addition, the Commission requires that the institution have in place policies and procedures considered essential for sound academic practice.   WSCUC provides two documents— Review under the WSCUC Standards and Compliance with Federal Requirements; and Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators—to assist institutions in reflecting and reporting on their compliance with these expectations.

The Self-Review under the Standards was the topic of many conversations at Jessup. Initially the self-review was completed by the WSCUC Review Steering Committee. The form was completed by the staff and administration at an employee gathering in June 2015 and by faculty in November 2015. The results were discussed by the Steering Committee to analyze more deeply the areas identified as strengths and opportunities for development and presented to the president, first in summer 2015 and, once consolidated, in January 2016. The recommendations were presented to the Executive Team by steering committee and task force members at the Institutional Review Kickoff that month.  (See exhibit 2.3, Evidence of WSCUC Standards by CFR, for documentation to support self-review findings.)