Interactions with the Evaluation Team

Throughout the special visit process, representatives of the institution interact with evaluation team members and WSCUC staff.  Our remote visit will be on October 21-23, 2020.

Visit ScheduleSchedule and Roster of Group Meetings

Are you meeting with the Visiting Team?

  • A Special Visit is narrower in scope than a reaffirmation visit, but contributors to the reports may be asked to participate in remote meetings with one or more team members.  Check the Roster of Group Meetings and your inbox for an invitation with instructions for participation.  You must respond to the initial invitation to obtain the Zoom link for your meeting.

Confidential Email Account

  • If you would like to share a message with the WSCUC visiting team outside of a scheduled remote meeting, WSCUC has established a confidential email account to give everyone that opportunity.  The team is not able to meet individually with members of the campus community, so please do not use the email account to request private appointments.  Notice of the email address was sent to faculty, staff, and students at their Jessup email address on September 30.
  • The email account is created by WSCUC and only authorized WSCUC staff and team members have access to the emails submitted. The emails are not viewed by any representative of the university.  Since the email account is created for this review only and will be closed once the interview sessions are completed, only comments made before or during the visit will be considered as part of the review process.

Open Meetings with the Team (RSVP required to obtain Zoom link)

  • Core and Adjunct Faculty:        Wednesday, October 21            4:00-5:00 pm
  • Exit Meeting:                               Friday, October 23                    11:30 am

The evaluation team, composed primarily of experienced educators from peer institutions as well as other experts identified to address specific needs of the institution, has the responsibility to evaluate the institution under the Standards of Accreditation. The evaluation team’s work involves the following: reading the institutional report, exhibits, and other documents;  conducting the visit; and preparing a report of its findings and recommendations.

Every institution seeking candidacy, initial accreditation, or reaffirmation of accreditation has a WSCUC staff liaison. The liaison, together with other staff members, provides support and guidance to the institution, the evaluation team, and the Commission throughout the review process.  Dr. Maureen “Moe” Maloney is Jessup’s liaison and will participate in the visit.