SFG Leader Frequently Asked Questions

SFG Leader FAQ

Thank you for your interest in leading a WJU Spiritual Formation Group! Please look through our FAQ below to get more information on what it looks like to be an SFG Leader.

What is the purpose of a Spiritual Formation Group?

Our Spiritual Formation Groups (SFGs) exist here on campus with a two-fold purpose. First, for seeing WJU students discipled to exalt Christ in their lives through the study the God’s Word, and secondly, for giving them an opportunity to engage in an authentic Christian community.  Some characteristics that generally define “successful” SFG Groups are:

  1. Students are exposed to biblically centered discussion
  2. Students have a sense of belonging with other students in the Body of Christ
  3. Students are discipled through discussion and dialogue
  4. Students are taught to apply biblical truth to their life and faith
  5. Students are cared for through encouragement, prayer, and general life support


What are the responsibilities of an SFG Leader?

Our SFG Leaders are on the frontlines of discipleship here at WJU. SFG Leader responsibilities include selecting a topic and curriculum for the length of the group, attending a short training seminar at the start of the semester, leading 12 hour-long sessions over the entire semester, keeping attendance for all participants, and pouring into the lives of the students in their group.  We encourage our SFG Leaders to meet with students one-on-one if possible, but it is not a mandatory requirement of the role.


What should my SFG topic be about?

You have a lot of freedom in selecting your SFG topic! We want you to lead a group according to your passion and giftings. We are open to hearing any idea you have and love to have a diverse offering of SFG topics each semester! Our two biggest requirements for this would be that your topic is scripturally based (meaning that you will reference Scripture for each group meeting) and that it provides plenty of room for student discussion. If you are unsure what you would like to use for a topic, we have a plethora of great resources on hand that you can take a look at.


When do SFGs take place?

Our main time block for SFGs to take place is on Mondays from 9:30 am to 10:20 am. This is a period where students do not have class, so it is often the easiest time for scheduling purposes. That being said, we do have some commuter students that are only on campus Tuesday/Thursday, or students that have other commitments during that time block. For that reason, there is flexibility in when you can schedule your SFG. If there is another block of time that works better for your schedule (afternoons are often best), please feel free to inquire about that when you apply.


Do I have to work at Jessup to lead an SFG?

No, you do not. We love to hear the hearts of community members and fellow students that want to lead an SFG. If you do not have a direct relationship with Jessup but are interested in getting involved, please email our Campus Ministries Coordinator, Kayla Balangue (kbalangue@jessup.edu), to set up a meeting to discuss leading.


What is the difference between an SFG and an FYE?

An SFG is a small group that anyone in the student body can register for. These groups are not academic, but part of the co-curricular spiritual development of our students. They are meant to be focused on discussion and leaders are seen as facilitators of the group, not teachers of a class. Additionally, SFGs are volunteer-only, so they do not come with any additional stipend.

A First Year Experience Group (FYE) is a course first-time freshman take during their first semester at Jessup. It counts for 1 academic unit, must be led by a faculty or staff member, and does come with an additional stipend. If you have questions about the FYE program, please contact our Director of Orientation and Engagement, Stephanie Maus (smaus@jessup.edu).


Is there compensation for being an SFG Leader?

All of our SFG Leader positions are volunteer only. However, leading an SFG does count as University Service for core faculty. We have been greatly blessed to see the Lord build up a strong volunteer team semester after semester and trust that he will continue to do so! That being said, we would love to take you out to lunch or buy you coffee some time for all the time you invest in our students!


How can I apply to become an SFG Leader?

Please submit an online SFG Leader Application and turn in all required documents. Once these things have been submitted, we will review your information and contact you about next steps.

Click here to be taken to our SFG Leader Application!


Still have questions? Send an email to Kayla Balangue, Campus Ministries Coordinator, at kbalangue@jessup.edu and she will get back to you!