SFG Mission and Vision

Copy of discipleship groups

Spiritual Formation Groups (SFGs)

We believe spiritual growth is meant to take place in a community with other believers.  Our Spiritual Formation Groups (SFGs) are Jessup’s version of small groups, consisting of 4-10 students gathered with the purpose of studying scripture and building relationships on a more intimate level.  We offer a wide variety of groups and topics to help meet students wherever they are at in their spiritual development.

Whether you are looking to explore the Christian faith for the first time, deepen your personal relationship with Jesus and understanding of the Bible, or grow your ability to apply your faith in practical ways, we have a group for you.

Participation in an SFG allows each student to become accountable to a small group, interact with others on tough issues as they relate to the Bible, and support one another through prayer and friendship.  SFGs are free to all full-time students as a foundational part of our co-curricular Spiritual Formation Program. Each completed semester in a Jessup SFG is worth 2 Spiritual Life Credits.