Campus Safety



It is the purpose of the WJU Department of Campus Safety to protect and maintain the safety of our campus environment, making possible the preparation of Christian leaders by safeguarding the lives and assets of the community we serve.
In partnership with our community, it is the vision of the WJU Department of Campus Safety to reduce crime, enhance quality of life, and exemplify the highest standards of leadership and service. The Department of Campus Safety seeks to be a model for professionalism by promoting sustained personal and communal safety through its management, resources, and personnel. 

Leadership: Exemplifying the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility.

Integrity: Impartiality in decision making and unwavering adherence to duty.

Reliability: Reinforcing community trust in the Department of Campus Safety by consistency in action.

Communication: Promoting campus wide accountability and cooperation.

Compassion: Responding with understanding and empathy in service to our community.

The Department of Campus Safety is located across from the Womack Student Life building. Campus Safety personnel is trained to patrol campus, secure campus facilities, respond to service requests, and report on incidents that occur on campus.