Welcome back to Jessup everybody!!

If you are new this year, then the WJU Department of Campus Safety would like to welcome you to the Jessup family!! If you are a returning student, we hope that you had a fantastic summer and we look forward to seeing you back on campus!!

Here are few things that YOU need to know about parking this year:


1) Permits are currently on their way

You may pick up your permits next week. Please keep an eye out for an e-mail detailing the location and times of permit pick ups.


2) Parking Enforcement will begin on September 7th

Make sure to pick up your permits and park in YOUR designated parking lot!

To Staybridge Residents, you have been given a limited area in which to park. Ticketing will also be enforced at Staybridge as well.


Even if you are a returning student, you need to update your vehicle status by applying with the Parking Permit Application.

If you do NOT have a vehicle, then use the Parking Permit Waiver.


4) Use the map to find YOUR Designated Parking Lot

Resident – Dorms / Apartments

Apartments – Apartment Residents Only

Commuter/Staff – Commuters, [Includes Staybridge Students], and Staff Only

All-Campus – Anyone can park here

Blue – Staybridge Resident Parking

Apartments – Staybridge Resident Overflow Parking


Any questions you have about Parking Permits, Tickets, Appeals, Waivers, etc… can be sent to the William Jessup Department of Campus Safety E-mail at OR you can use the “Contact Us” form to submit a question/comment.




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