Where is YOUR Lost / Stolen / Found STUFF????

Have you ever had the unfortunate instance of losing your keys? Wallet? Or even WORSE!!! An Iphone???



Have you ever had an Ipad, a laptop, backpack, or even worse… your heart stolen??


Well fortunately for you… the Campus Safety Department has been improving the interdepartmental communication on campus so that WE can try to recover YOUR lost / stolen item. The only thing we can’t do is to help you get your stolen heart back.

Once a report is submitted, we will cross reference that entry with our database of recovered items to try and find a match. If we do, we will contact you so that you can be happily reunited with your belongings.

Please note that ANY Lost / Stolen WJU ID CARD MUST BE REPORTED!! We care about your safety, and as a policy, we MUST deactivate your card until it is recovered. Remember, your ID card is YOUR key on campus.


To report a Lost / Stolen Item, please use the Lost / Stolen Item Report found —>  HERE!!!! <—


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