10 Safety Tips for Women

Does the thought of walking in a dark parking lot alone at night frighten you? If the situation should occur,

Please Stay Off the Grass

  Our Facilities and Groundskeeping crew has been laboring hard to prepare our grass field for upcoming sport seasons. Please help

Parking Smart

When it comes to parking lots, we’re in transition;  rushing to appointments, collecting belongings, moving on to the next event

Lost and Found

If you are looking for lost items, please file a theft/loss report. The Department of Campus Safety will check the

Campus Safety Now Hiring

Now Hiring: Campus Safety Officers The Campus Safety Department is looking for professional and motivated individuals interested in working as


  Parking Permits are on their way! Whether you have a vehicle or not, we need you to fill out

Fire Alarm Testing

 This week, EMS will be performing tests on our fire alarm system between the hours of 7:00am and 4:30pm.

5 Ticket Avoidance Tips

      1. Get a Parking Permit! Getting a parking permit may seem like a drag. However, parking permits allow