Why did Jessup choose TREE OF LIFE?

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Jessup is excited to announce our new partnership with TREE OF LIFE BOOKSTORES:

TREE of LIFE Mission:

Tree of Life serves to offer retail products and textbooks that inspire, educate and equip higher education as well as churches and communities in which their stores are represented.

Guiding Values:

Integrity.  People.  Community.  Sustainability.

Tree of Life takes raw data and turns it into textbooks.  They take numbers, codes and spreadsheets and use them to propel students towards degree completion.   Tree of Life’s IT team works to make sure that Jessup’s flow of information comes in clean and comes out the other side to empower successful Jessup students.  Tree of Life’s data software is designed to sync up with Jessup’s system multiple times each day in order to update and integrate all data. Daily integration allows us to work with the best up-to-date information to keep students taken care of in real-time. Dropped classes, added classes and address updates:  it all comes together in data logistics.

Tree of Life is the textbook provider for Jessup!

In order to RENT or PURCHASE books from Tree of Life you must OPT-IN to the Textbook Butler Service provided by Tree Of Life.  To OPT-IN, please see your Jessup Student Email.  Tree of Life will be sending you an email by mid June with the link to OPT-IN to the Textbook Butler service and select your preferences.


Textbook Butler is designed to help make the textbook ordering process streamlined and convenient for our busy students.  

WHEN YOU OPT-IN to the Textbook Butler(TBB) service, TBB will be at your service by:

  • Automatically receiving your book order for the classes you are enrolled in.
  • Shipping your textbooks directly to your chosen ship-to preference of dorm, campus store or home – before the start of class.
  • Automatically charging your student account – no credit card required.
  • Allowing you to manage your textbook preferences. (I.E. Rent, Buy Used, Buy New)
  • Allowing you to return a book during the first week of class without penalty.

Please visit our FAQ page for everything you need to know about Tree of Life’s Textbook Butler Service.