Tips and Tricks (Staff)

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  • CAMS Enterprise will only work in Internet Explorer.  It is not compatible with other browers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • When working with student-related screens, leave the “Select Student” screen open or all other student-related screens will close.
  • If the screen you’re working in has a “Save” button at the top, use that for “updating” the record as you work so the updated data is avaialable throughout the system.
  • Resize your screens as desired–if there is a vertical scroll bar on the right side of the screen, there is more to the screen.
  • If you encounter any “Business Logic” error screens or if things act or look strange in any CAMS windows, just close the window and reopen it or hit your “F5” key to refresh the screen to resolve the problem.


  • All “Term” fields are part of a dropdown menu now (whether you see the dropdown menu or not).  If you try to type in a term that does not exist, it lets you know.
  • In the “Campus” dropdown menu “MAIN” has replaced “Rocklin-Main”.
  • Phone number data entry is simply entering the numbers—CAMS will set the parentheses and dash for you with no need to type the space bar beforehand, as we did in CAMS for Windows.
  • Data in “Date” fields can either be entered by clicking on the calendar icon to the right of the field OR by typing in the date.  Typed dates must have format: MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Most all references to DCP have been changed to SPS.


  • Very Important: To change a student’s address do not edit an existing address.  Instead, right click in the grid to “add” the new address.  Once added, CAMS will automatically mark the prior address for that address type as “Inactive” thereby saving it for history.


  • “Ctrl-P” will not work for printing reports to the printer.  Always use the print icon in the Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer (second icon from the left at the top of the page).
  • When running large multi-page reports, be patient with Crystal Reports as what may look like the process is hanging is really just Crystal Reports processing.  If you try to close it and reprocess the report, it may hang up the server.
  • On Criteria pages, you can choose more than one criteria by holding the “ctrl” key down while choosing the separate values you want.  Holding the “Shift” key down while selecting will highlight a “range” of values.
  • All reports may be exported to different file types. The export button is the first button on the top left menu of the report.
  • Most reports you will run are “stock” reports from Three Rivers.  We are still in the process of updating these reports to mirror more closely what we had in CAMS for Windows.  If you need something from a report that is not there, please submit a support request.


  • “Help” links are available at the top right of every screen.
  • Check out the “Online Help” link on the home page of CAMS Enterprise for more specific help and locating multiple references to your help topic.
  • Module documentation is available through the “Users Guide” link on the homepage of CAMS Enterprise.
  • The “Helpdesk Request” link on the CAMS Enterprise home page takes you to WJU’s CAMS Support Request here on Discovery.
  • The “CAMS Community” link takes you to Three Rivers’ CAMS Community webpage—a user forum with discussions by module.  If you’d like, you may “register” for an account there to access the forums where information is shared with other CAMS clients.