Club/Organizations Continuation Form

Club Continuation Form

Every club must renew their club status at the end of the each semester. Failure to turn in this form may result in club probation for the following semester.
  • **3 club members must fill out "Club and Orgs President Nomination" form in order for the President to be nominated. Nominations must occur to keep a new President or to keep the current President. This form will be sent to Club Presidents once this Continuation Form is filled out. Then, Club Presidents must email the link to their club members to fill out.

  • Club Advisors will be approved by the Community Life staff. Club Presidents may request an advisor but Community Life staff has the ultimate say. All Advisors must follow Advisor guidelines located under "Club Resources".

  • Does your club have an Instagram account? If so, answer the questions below.

    All accounts will be owned by the Community Life staff and all login information must be submitted to the staff. This allows for clubs to pass down the accounts information when officers graduate, etc. We are going to change all club accounts to be the same so students can search all clubs easily. For example: wju_amsa. All accounts will still be monitored by Club Presidents but owned by the Community Life staff. ***If clubs refuse to comply, clubs can be suspended for a semester.