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LINK: I recieved an early alert email. What does it mean?


What is Early Alert?

    Early Alert is a referral and support program to help identify and reach students at risk of academic difficulty or failure. The purpose of Early Alert is to reach students before they fail.

When do I make a referral?

    • As soon as you see signs of academic difficulty, reach out to students with your concerns. Refer them to appropriate services on campus, but if you continue to not see improvement, submit an

Early Alert referral online

    • .

Potential indicators of concern:

    • Poor attendance
    • Poor engagement/participation in class
    • Continually late to class
    • Missed quizzes, exams, etc.
    • Poor completion of assignments
    • Student work is not meeting expectations of the course
    • Poor performance on quizzes/exams
    • Lack of organization in coursework
    • Lack of satisfactory progress (despite engagement/attendance)
    • Lack of essential academic skills (i.e. reading, writing, math)

Who can make a referral?

    Typically, faculty are the first to see signs of academic difficulty; however, it is also appropriate for other front-line staff to initiate a referral when difficulties are observed beyond the classroom.

How do I make a referral?

    • Submit an

Online Early Alert referral

    All referrals go to Disability Support Services to initiate outreach to the student.

What happens after the referral form is submitted?

    Students will receive an outreach email for each Early Alert submission indicating, at minimum, the reason for the alert and the person submitting the form. Students will be encouraged to talk with instructors and advisers. They will also be highly encouraged to seek assistance in the Learning Commons. Information collected through Early Alert is shared on a need-to-know basis and does not become part of a student’s permanent record.

What is a request for Early Alert Email?

    Disability Support Services will send out a request for Early Alert reporting email twice per semester. The first will come by week 6 and the second by week 10. This request comes to all instructors with known academic “At-Risk” students. At-Risk students are typically enrolled in an academic support program at WJU.