Signing up for Disability Support Services


WJU’s Disability Support Services office is offering remote meeting options only as of 3/19/2020. Students have the option to meet remotely via phone or Google Hangout (WJU Gmail accounts). Meeting location preferences may be selected in the Scheduler appointment pages. Questions may be directed to

In order to receive classroom or housing accommodations, you will need to complete our three part application process.

  1. Complete intake form (either online or in person). Our intake form includes: Disability Support Services application, Student Information Form , and FERPA release of information.
  2. Submit documentation of disability(s). May be physically mailed, emailed, or brought in to D.S.S. by hand at initial intake appointment.
  3. Meet with Disability Support Services staff to decide on accommodations, and complete and/or sign paperwork. Appointments can be made on the Scheduler, or at the front desk of the Learning Commons (to the right of the stairs in the WJU library).

Intake Form

For the linked Disability Support Services Application form to work, you must log in to your WJU Gmail account. You may also fill out these forms in person if you prefer.

Disability Support Services Application

Disability Documentation Submission 

Students registering with DSS must submit current, relevant documentation of a disability from a licensed professional, such as a doctor, school psychologist, or psychiatrist.* 

Many schools do their own testing to qualify students for classroom accommodations. WJU does not offer this service at this time. Students may have a licensed professional write a letter to document their disability, or, the student may give their licensed professional a copy WJU’s VERIFICATION OF DISABILITY form to complete. Documentation must include the following in order to be accepted by Disability Support Services: your name, the specific name or your disability (D.S.M. code when appropriate) and must be completed on the treating professional’s letterhead.


Disability Support Services, 2121 University Ave, Rocklin, CA 95765

*The existence of a medical condition and a recommendation for an accommodation from a treatment provider does not establish disability.