Capstone Assessments

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What is the Jessup Capstone Rubric?

Our Assessment Plan relies heavily on program assessment results to demonstrate achievement of the ULGs. When the plan was conceptualized in 2012, faculty were initially hesitant to assume responsibility for demonstrating fulfillment of the ULGs within their programs. Through the review of our meta-assessment data, however, faculty saw the value of discipline-based support for two main reasons:

First, a generic description of core competencies could potentially overlook their distinctive expression, e.g., critical thinking in business versus literature courses. Second, they recognized that some data, e.g., evidence of professional competence, was already collected in their program-level assessment.

A concern for internal peer benchmarking led to the design of a common capstone rubric, built upon a dozen VALUE project rubrics—ethical reasoning (Christian literacy), written communication, oral communication, critical thinking, quantitative literacy, analytical thinking, creative thinking, integrative learning (professional competence), civic engagement (global citizenship), and lifelong learning. The data are collected annually in the program’s capstone course or experience and analyzed in turn as part of the regular cycle.

Click here for the Jessup ULG Capstone Rubric.

Click here for the Capstone Rubric Tally Form.

Completed Capstone Rubric Tally forms for 2019-20 Capstones can be placed in this folder.