Program-Level Assessment

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Assessment at the program level is key to providing evidence of student learning at all levels: course, program, and university.  Evidence of successful achievement of the University learning goals is ensured through alignment of program outcomes with the University mission through the University learning goals.  Furthermore, the program assessment plan ensures that the courses and activities it offers support the program outcomes.

Program learning outcomes (PLOs) are assessed through a combination of signature assignments, capstone experiences, alumni surveys, and internship supervisor surveys, where appropriate. Program faculty analyze and interpret findings at the program and course level in an annual assessment report to the Educational Effectiveness Committee and Provost, which supplements the five-year program review. Findings are utilized for evaluation of student learning outcomes, curricular modifications, pedagogical improvements, improved student learning, and budgeting and planning.

Since each program demonstrates alignment of its curriculum to the PLOs, as faculty assess achievement of course- level student learning outcomes and the cohesiveness of the program curriculum, improvement goals are identified for review the following year.

Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators


Program assessment report.  Each year the program will assess at least one PLO, usually one that coincides with the ULG assessment, and submits a companion report for its own use and to demonstrate achievement of the ULG.

Capstone assessment report.  Programs also complete a University Capstone Rubric that is collected annually by the Educational Effectiveness Committee.  When fully implemented, the rubric scores provide five years of data to assess and record achievement of the pertinent ULGs (only the tally form is submitted annually).

Click here for the template for the 2019-20 Communication Skills Annual Assessment Plan Template..

Completed Communication Skills Assessment Plans/Reports can be placed in this folder.