Recommended Computer Specs for Students

Recommended Computer Specs for Students

Hardware Requirements

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250 GB hard drive or larger
  • Intel Core I series or AMD processor
  • Windows 10 or higher
  • macOS 10.15.X or higher
  • Some students have had good success with a Google Chromebook, iPad, or Android Tablet

AntiVirus Requirements

For Windows computers  

For Mac computers

Browser Requirements

Browser Plugins

Word Processing

  • You will need a word processing program, and many classes use a presentation software. As part of your Jessup Google account you will have access to Google Drive. Google Drive includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. You can access Google Drive under the square, 9-dot menu at the top-right of your email inbox.
  • You can also purchase Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) at a discount from, or you can get the web-based Office 365 apps for free when you sign up with your email account here.


  • You can purchase a portable hard drive to regularly backup your entire computer. These drives come with automated backup software, or you can use Windows Backup which is built in to Windows 10 or Time Machine on a Macintosh. You can get a 1 Terabyte drive for under $125.
  • You will have unlimited free storage available to you in Google Drive as a part of your Jessup Gmail account, which you will get to keep using post-graduation.
  • Another option is to subscribe to an online backup service such as

Please note: Fulfilling the above requirements does not guarantee that your computer will be able to smoothly run all the required programs.