Web Print Tutorial

Web Print Tutorial

1. What is Web Print?

The Web Print system allows students and faculty to print to campus printers from their own computers by uploading documents in multiple formats using a standard web browser.

2. Web Browser Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above
  • Apple Safari 4 and above
  • Google Chrome 4 and above

3. Web URL

Access Web Print at https://print.jessup.edu. Log in using your WJU username and password.

4. Uploading a Document

The limit per print job is 50 pages and 10MB.
1) Click on Web Print, then click on Submit a Job.
2) Click on the bullet next to the Printer desired.
3) Click on Print Options and Account Selection. (bottom right corner)
4) Enter the number of copies.
5) Click on Upload Documents (bottom right corner). Here you may drag and drop files, or click on “Upload from computer” to browse files on your computer. The file types supported are Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF.
6) Click “Upload and Complete” (bottom right corner) when you are ready to print.*

*If there is a problem printing, you will be sent an Email with the error.

5. Payment

Student print balances are reset with a credit of $25 each Spring and Fall semester. Black and white copies will deduct $.05 and color copies will deduct $.25.  The cost will display at the end of each print job. To check your balance at any time, click on SUMMARY within the Web Print page.  If necessary, you may add more to your balance with the Library staff or IT staff.