Campus Resource Guide

Instructors have access to use the campus LMS, Moodle, to collect assignments, give quizzes, etc. Courses must be set up in advance and instructor training is available. Contact Rose Kania, in the Learning Commons for assistance.


Instructors have access to the faculty one stop for pertinent academic information and available resources at


Instructors may opt to use resource videos from the “Jumpstart Your College Experience” series in the student one stop to support classroom learning/discussion, or to refer students to the student one stop as a resource for academic success or completion of assignments. The student one stop home page can be found at while the Jumpstart series can be accessed directly, in addition to through the one stop home page, at


The following campus partners may be available for class presentations if scheduled in advance:

NameLengthPresenter(s)LocationSponsoring DepartmentContact Person
Academic AdvisingminProfessional Staff Members, Graduate StudentsInstructor Classroom, Advising OfficeRegistrar, Advising OfficeTina Petersen,, 916-577-2---
Campus Safety30 min.Professional Staff Member, Campus Safety OfficerInstructor Classroom, Conference RoomCampus SafetyPaul Ybarra,,