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Addiction Studies Practicum Placement Sites: San Jose

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Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

The purpose of the comp examination is to encourage students who are nearing graduation to: 1) engage in a systematic review of their course work, 2) demonstrate sufficient skills in working with people, and 3) allow the department to identify students who may need additional coursework or study before being granted the Bachelor’s degree.

2015-2016 Student Guide

APA Resources

Department APA style template (If you are having difficulty downloading this .docx file you might have an older version of MS Word. If so, you can download a compatibility pack here

APA Style Tutorial

Graduate School Preparation

Recent video presentation by Doug Locke, Erin Ambrose, and Ken Logan for students who are considering going to graduate school.

Psychology Department: Graduate School Preparation Seminar from William Jessup University on Vimeo.