Audit Student Information

We invite those who are eligible to complete

“Non-Matriculated Student Application Form” 

• Auditing is available to current student, alumni, associated with the University as members of faculty/staff families, and Seniors 55+.

• This is on a first come first serve basis, our full time students get first priority.

• In order to register, a form of payment must be attached to your “Non-Matriculated Student Application Form”

• Class participation is limited to observation. Any other privileges are at the discretion of the instructor.

• Your check will only be cashed when you are able to enroll in the class you are seeking.

• Registration occurs the day before classes begin—you will be enrolled if seats are available.

• You will be contacted via email the night before classes begin to let you know whether or not you are enrolled in the course you have chosen.

• Look for room numbers on the schedule posted online.

• Online and applied courses are not available for auditing.

• Once you have been enrolled in a course, the registration and audit fees are non-refundable.

Auditing Fees and Services

• $20/semester registration fee per semester

• $30/unit audit fee

• Parking permit $25/semester

• Moodle access

• Jessup email account

• While enrolled, students will receive complimentary Community Patron Privileges at the Paul Nystrom Library

“Non-Matriculated Student Application Form”