Summer Housing

Summer School 2021:  May 3 – August 20, 2021

Spaces available for Summer Session: 64 bed spaces // 2nd floor of the Block

Payment: Everyone not enrolled in summer classes must pay the full total before receiving their summer key. Students who are enrolled in summer classes may elect a payment plan.
Summer Rate: $2000

Apply for Summer Housing April 1st: Here

Roommate Requests:  April 15: Priority Deadline for summer students wanting to link with a roommate

Important Summer Information:

  • Food service is not available in the summer.
  • To be eligible to live in University housing during the summer session(s), the student must be a currently enrolled William Jessup University student and be in good academic and/or financial standing. Students that are under/not full-time status (12 units) or a graduate student may request summer housing and may be assigned if space allows.
  • When a returning student desires a summer accommodation but is not enrolled in summer school units, the student may be assigned if space allows.  This will happen if 1) the student has a summer affiliation to the University and/or 2) the student is degree seeking and enrolled in the subsequent fall semester.
  • If/when a student graduates from William Jessup University and is requesting summer school housing, the student must pay in full before a key and housing assignment are given.  
  • Students that are here for summer session(s) but are not enrolled in the upcoming fall semester and/or do not have a Fall 2021 housing assignment, will have their summer contract end on August 1, 2021.  Students will have pro-rated refunds based on when they check-out.
  • Students living in William Jessup University Housing are required to be available to move from the summer assignment to the 2021-2022 assignment beginning August 1, 2021. Summer residents will receive notification emails from the Residence Life & Housing Office to their emails with timeline and directions for move.  If a student fails to transition within the timeline given, students will receive up to $150.00 fine for non-compliance.