School of Business

School of Business

Welcome To Jessup’s School Of Business

Whether you became a business major to learn how businesses run or because you wanted to have a financially rewarding career, or maybe you picked business simply because you didn’t know what else to pick! Regardless, you have a unique opportunity in front of you.

As a business major, you’ll learn from professors with years of experience in different fields including Technology, Wall Street, Consulting, Start-Ups, Venture Capital, Banking, Non-Profits, and more!

Engage your professors, learn by doing through experiential learning opportunities, internships, team project, simulations, international trips and more.

One of the blessings of a small school is not only the relationships you’ll forge with your professors, but with your fellow business students who share common values and faith.  Join the Business Club, get to know them even better by planning fun activities while forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

No matter where you go next – a large corporation, a non-profit, a church, starting your own business as an entrepreneur, or perhaps a graduate program – go with confidence, faith, and love, and be salt and light in the world.