Zoom Moderator Service

In the Fall 2020 semester, there is a unique opportunity to earn Spiritual Life Credit!

Some professors may request a couple of students from each class to be Zoom Moderators for their class throughout the semester. These students will be present in-person for class once a week and will have the responsibility of moderating the the Zoom “chat” for the students present online.

Students may ask their professor if this service opportunity is available for their course, but it is up to the individual faculty member to give permission for the student to get credit for the course in question.

In order to earn a Spiritual Life Credit for this service, the student must be consistently moderating the Zoom chat once a week until Thanksgiving break. Since many students in a face-to-face class can only attend class a maximum of one day a week, each class (with an in-person component) may need 2-3 students to do this service for the semester.

A student may do this service for multiple courses if they wish, however, they can only receive a maximum of 2 credits per semester in this category. One spiritual life credit in the service category will be given for each course a student consistently zoom moderates for the semester.

If you are a Zoom Moderator for a course in Fall 2020 and would like to apply for Spiritual Life Credit, please fill out this Zoom Moderator Service SLC Form, receive verification from your professor, and turn it in to Student Life by November 20, 2020.