Spiritual Life Credit Policies and Requirements

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Spiritual Life Credits are a co-curricular requirement for all WJU traditional undergraduate students. SLCs exist to engage students in intentional spiritual growth while at Jessup. We believe that Service and Discipleship are pillars in the Christian life. Because of this, SLCs include both opportunities for others to pour into you and for you to pour yourself out for others.

Spiritual Life Credit Requirement

Spiritual Life Credits are a graduation requirement for all Traditional Undergraduate students.

The number of Spiritual Life Credits required for each student is dependent upon the number of units accepted by the Registrar’s office upon their admission to the university.

Click here to view the required credit scale

0-44 units = 12 Spiritual Life Credits required to graduate

45-59 units = 10 Spiritual Life Credits required to graduate

60-74 units = 8 Spiritual Life Credits required to graduate

75+ units = 6 Spiritual Life Credits required to graduate


Spiritual Life Credit Policies

General Policies

  1. Students must accrue at least one credit in both the Discipleship and Service categories.
  2. The maximum Spiritual Life Credits students can earn in any semester is 4.

Parameters for Partnership Options

  1. Spiritual Life Credits can be earned through partnering with an organization that aligns with or promotes Jessup’s Community Covenant and Campus Mission and whose main focus agrees with our Campus Ministries partnership parameters.
  2. With the exception of approved Jessup Student Leaders, students cannot be supervised by a current Jessup student or a member of his/her own family.

Applying For Spiritual Life Credit

Students who enroll to participate in a Jessup Spiritual Formation Group are automatically credited for their Spiritual Life Credits when their grade is posted at the end of the semester.  For all other Spiritual Life Experiences (local outreach, global outreach, local church small groups, etc.) please fill out a Spiritual Life Credit Form online.

If you prefer a paper process, print out a Spiritual Life Credit Form (links below), complete the top portion of the first page, and give it to your group leader/service supervisor to fill out.  The form must then be returned to the Student Life Office to be processed.  The report will be looked over by a Campus Ministries staff member and approved if the requirements and regulations are met. Paper Spiritual Life Credit Forms can be found below:

  1. Discipleship Spiritual Life Credit Paper Form
  2. Service Spiritual Life Credit Paper Form

Forms must be submitted the Friday before finals week of each semester. Forms for credit earned over the summer are due by the Add/Drop Date of the following Fall semester. A $25 late fee will be charged for each form turned in after the due date. You may only turn in Spiritual Life Credit Forms for approval once you have accumulated 4 hours of approved service. Forms submitted for less than 4 hours cannot be eligible for half or partial credit and will not result in credit being approved.


Earning Credit

  1. Credit is contingent upon approval by the Office of Campus Ministries. It should not be assumed that all forms of discipleship or outreach opportunities will be awarded credit and final approval is based upon the supervisor’s review and Jessup’s Office of Campus Ministries.
  2. Forms submitted for participation at churches, organizations, businesses or functions that do not align with William Jessup University’s Statement of Faith, Community Covenant, and Campus Ministries partnership parameters will not be approved for credit.
  3. If you are unsure if your desired discipleship or service experience will meet the Spiritual Life Credit Requirements, please feel free to contact campusministries@jessup.edu for clarification prior to participation.
  4. Credit cannot be awarded for paid internships, student teaching positions, and other paid or for-credit activities.
  5. Participation in service and discipleship opportunities prior to enrollment at William Jessup University are not eligible for approval.
  6. Service done through a single entity during a semester or summer may count for one, but not multiple, credit categories.