Administrative Drop

Students have a responsibility to conduct themselves on campus in ways which do not interfere with the rights of other students to learn or of instructors to teach. Use of electronic devices such as pagers, cellular phones, or recording devices, or other potentially disruptive activities, is permitted only with prior explicit consent of the instructor. The instructor may rescind permission at any time during the course.

If a student does not comply with requirements or obstructs the functioning of the class, the instructor may initiate an administrative drop. The instructor must record circumstances. The approval of Vice President for Academic Affairs is required. Prior to a decision, the VPAA will consult with the student and other parties as appropriate. Appeals go to the Academic Committee and the VPAA. Serious cases of misconduct will be referred to the Student Life Committee for appropriate action. The effect on grades is the same as a drop initiated by the student and is based on the date the administrative drop is approved. The student will be notified by the final grade report. There may be financial implications as a result of the drop.

Attendance: If a student misses the first two class sessions in a given course, he/she will be administratively withdrawn from the course.