Appeal Process

The student is to follow the steps listed below when making an appeal. The first step should resolve most problems. Any issue that cannot be resolved at that level may be appealed to the next. Any appeal may be carried to the President of the University if the appeal process outlined below does not resolve the issue.

For all appeals concerning changes in a student’s classroom status or program that deviate from normal procedures, contact your academic advisor, discuss the situation, and obtain a petition for a change if it is felt necessary. Submit the petition to the SPS Director for consideration by the SPS Academic Committee.
Financial Matters / Financial Aid
For all appeals concerning student financial matters or student financial aid, discuss it with your academic advisor who will refer you to the Student Finance Officer or the Financial Aid Office.
Student Life
Every student has access to a formal grievance process if so needed. In the event a student has specific concern regarding a policy of the University, the student is encouraged to communicate the concern in writing to the Director of the School of Professional Studies and if satisfaction is not achieved, then to the Vice-President for Student Life. The Vice-President of Student Life will act to bring formal resolution to the stated grievance. If satisfaction is not achieved, a student may appeal directly to the President.