Due to the accelerated nature of the ADC courses, the Program practices a 100% attendance policy. Consistent class attendance is mandatory for students.

First Absence
Students who miss one class of a five-week course may, at the instructor’s discretion, be allowed to make up the class by writing a 10-12 page paper that relates directly to the discussion covered in the missed class. The session make up must be completed and submitted to the instructor no later than 2 weeks after the last class session for the course. Failure to make up the absence will result in a zero for class participation. This paper acts as a replacement for classroom participation and is in addition to the original homework assignment that must also be completed.
Second Absence
(This policy applies to students who have not filed a drop card for a course according to policy. Please refer to the policy on dropping a course for details.) Any student who misses the FIRST TWO nights of any course without a Petition to Drop has not established attendance and will receive an Administrative Withdrawal from the class, earning a U grade. Students who miss two nights of class in ANY OTHER COMBINATION will automatically receive an F grade. In each case the course must be repeated at a later time at the student’s own expense.

The student will be notified in writing by the Academic Office that they have been administratively withdrawn from a course. The letter will also request that the student contact the Registrar about their intention to continue in the Program. If no response is received by the specified date the student will be administratively withdrawn from all remaining courses for that term and considered to have stepped out of the program. The student will be notified in writing of the official dismissal from WJU. Any student wishing to return to ADC after these actions have been taken will be required to submit a new application. If accepted, they will enter under the current catalog requirements. Serious financial consequences may result with either a drop or withdrawal. Financial Aid will likely be affected. The student is responsible to contact the Financial Aid office for information.