Incomplete Work

School of Professional Studies students are expected to complete all course requirements during the time assigned for that course. The course final must be completed by the first week of the following course. The instructor will have 2 weeks to grade the final and submit the course grade.

Failure to turn in a final, or a failing grade on the course final, results in an automatic failure (F) for the course. Any student work, other than the final, not submitted by the date the final is due will be considered a zero and the course grade will be calculated accordingly.

In the rare circumstance when it is impossible to complete the course requirements on time, the student may Petition to Receive an Incomplete (I) grade. The student must contact the instructor to work out an agreement of a due date for incomplete work to be submitted. In order to receive an I grade, the student and instructor must submit the Petition to Receive an Incomplete form submitted on or before the final is due. For prompt submission, this form may be faxed to (916) 577-2330, attention SPS Academic Advisor.

The petition will be reviewed by the Academic Office and the SPS Director. Once the petition has been either granted or denied, the Academic Office will mail a copy of the petition to the student and instructor so both are aware of the outcome. A $25.00 processing fee will be added to the student’s billing. If the student fails to complete the work within the time limit, the grade for the course will become an F and the student must repeat the course at their own expense.