tree of life

Jessup is excited to announce our new partnership with Tree of Life Bookstores!                     

What you need to know:

  • You have been automatically enrolled in a service called “Textbook Butler” that will pull, package and deliver your textbooks directly to your home based on the classes you are enrolled in.
  • Although you have been automatically enrolled in Textbook Butler, you still have the option to buy your own books elsewhere. You can OPT OUT online if you do not wish to participate in this service.  For instructions on Managing Your Preferences or to Opt Out Click Here.
  • You will automatically be enrolled to receive rental textbooks, however you have options! You can manage the type of textbook(Rent, Buy used, Buy new) you’d like to.

 Benefits To You:

Textbook Butler is designed to help make the textbook ordering process streamlined and convenient for our busy students.

Textbook Butler will be at your service by:

  • Automatically receiving your book order for the classes you are enrolled in.
  • Shipping your textbooks directly to your home before the start of class.
  • Automatically charging your student account.
  • Allowing you to manage your textbook preferences. (I.E. Rent, Buy Used, Buy New)
  • Allowing you to return a book during the first week of class without penalty.


Have questions?

Contact the Tree of Customer Service team at 1-888-392-2930 anytime Monday–Friday, 9am-11pm EST You can also submit a question at httpss://www.treeoflifebooks.com/customerservice/ask-a-question/.