Summer 2019 Payment Due

Summer 2019 Payment Due

Payment for the Summer 2019 semester is due by April 1st, 2019, or on the date of your registration.

Payment in full is accepted in the form of cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order, or by e-check at this link. Please note that payments made by any of these methods must be for the full balance.

Deferred payment plans are offered online only at

How does Textbook Butler work?

  • If you are opted in with Textbook Butler, charges will be applied to your account at the time they ship to you, roughly 2-3 weeks prior to each course start date
  • Payment is due for textbooks in the Student Portal within 30 days of the charge being applied to the account
  • For more information, please visit
  • Should you experience any textbook issues, please contact Tree of Life directly at