Past Due Accounts

An account is considered past due once the due date has passed.  Students may become past due for various reasons (i.e. inadequate or returned financial aid, missed payment(s) on payment plans, the addition of unpaid charges/courses after the bill due date, etc.).

Penalty for late/non-payment

If you do not pay the amount due by the due date, a hold will be placed on your account restricting course registration, access to grades, transcript requests, and residence hall check in.  Past due accounts are also subject to a $40 late fee every 30 days after the balance is due.  Notices will be sent on the outstanding balance, which will result in an eventual write off to Collections.

Past due payment plan

Students may request a past due payment plan with the Student Accounts Office, although the hold described above will remain in place until the account balance is paid in full.  The penalties for late/non-payment above also apply to past due payment plans.  Failure to make a required payment plan installment within thirty (30) days of any due date will result in additional late fees and notices for Collection warnings.

Collection of debt

In an effort to collect past due debt, the University will send collection letters and emails to students at their last known address.  To avoid account referral to a collection agency, students must pay the balance in full, or set up a past due payment plan within 30 days of the notice.  If an account is referred to a collection agency, the student will be responsible for all collection fees, the balance may be reported to a national credit bureau(s), and the University will no longer accept direct payments – in that the student must make all payments to the collection agency before conducting any further business with the University.