What is student care? Student care is a department on campus designed to assist current students with their health and wellness needs. Holistic care is the main goal for student care; mental health, counseling services, food insecurities, spiritual, social, and physical well-being guidance are all a part of Student Care.

Who is the director? Dr. Meghan McMahon Johnson (916) 577-2322 Care@Jessup.edu

Who do I get in contact if either myself or someone I know is having a crisis? 

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please dial 911

For questions/issues that need to be handled in less than 24 hours please contact: (you can follow up with a care report as well)

Student Life at 916-577-2327 or

Campus Safety at 916-521-0776 (if after business hours)

For questions/issues that can be handled within 24 hours please contact:

Student Care at Care@Jessup.edu or fill out a Care Report here

What kind of resources are offered? On and off campus counseling services, food pantry for basic needs, assistance with transition back to campus after medical leave, mentorship, partnership with Campus Ministries for Spiritual guidance.



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