WJU Student Government Presents our FIRST annual benefit concert: Sending Forth!!

William Jessup University Student Government Presents the first Annual Benefit Concert:

Sending Forth

April 10, 2013 from 7-10pm at William Jessup University.

Featuring artists: Shawn McDonald, I Am They, & Like Zion.

Come out join us in an awesome night of fun and fundraising for a great purpose!

Buy tickets NOW at: httpss://sendingforth.eventbrite.com/#

A fundraiser for WJU missions teams who will be going to Cambodia, Romania, Brazil, & Kenya this summer. Come alongside them in their hopes to service those abroad who need help and more importantly who do not know Christ.

The Artists & Bands Information:

Shawn McDonald-

Shawn McDonald’s life has been marked by a string of heartaches, bad breaks, and personal mistakes, events that have landed him both in trouble with the law and in love with the Lord – in that order. The street- tough but tenderhearted McDonald has never shied away from telling his story – of growing up in Eugene, Oregon, as an angry, rebellious teen who was a drug addict and a dealer, looking for any and every way to escape his pain and a dysfunctional home. In 1998, at just 20 years old and at the end of his rope – and facing nine felony counts on a drug bust – McDonald cried out to God . . . and started turning his life around. He hasn’t looked back since.


I Am They-

I Am They is a worship band from Carson City, NV. Their unique instrumentation and sound is led by the three-part vocal harmonies of Adam Palmer, Matt Hein, and Stephanie Kulla. With Adam and Matt on acoustic and/or electric guitar and Stephanie on violin., the band is rounded out by Bobby Stiehler on bass, Justin Shinn on keys, glockerspiel and melodica, and Sara Palmer on drums and percussion.

The name “I Am They” was inspired by John 17 and created with the intent to adopt on a personal, individual level. As Jesus prays in this chapter, He consistently refers to His disciples as “they”. It is important to each band member to be the “they” that Jesus referred to.


Like Zion-

We come to God as a generation of broken people, desperate, and crying out, longing for authentic transformation through an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We believe that worship is a lifestyle, not limited to instruments or music. We seek to glorify God in all that we do on and off stage. We are committed to excellence in musical worship and fellowship, as well as building relationships with all we encounter. Our heart is to lead people into the presence of God where intimate worship takes place.



All proceeds go to our WJU Missions Teams!

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