History “E-Tern” Opportunity

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George Washington’s Mount Vernon, located near Washington, DC, is the historic site museum dedicated to interpreting the life of the first president within the context of his home and plantation. Under the management of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, the property is preserved and restored to reflect the 18th‐century home of the Washington family. The Ladies employ a professional archaeological staff to study the buried remains on the property. The Archaeology Department has embarked on a multi‐year project, called Archaeological Collections Online, to re‐analyze and digitize the most significant collections excavated on the property. Archaeologists uncovered artifacts relating to the Washington household and the enslaved Africans and African Americans living and working around the Mansion. To contextualize the artifacts, the department is undertaking a transcription project to look at not only George Washington’s orders and invoices for goods, but also at what the community at large was ordering and buying through the Glassford and Henderson stores in Alexandria and Colchester, Virginia. These local purchases will be compared with the items that George Washington ordered from England to see specifics about how the local economy differed from the English factor system.

2013 Glassford E-ternship Description

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