Campus Posting Policy

William Jessup University Campus Posting Policy

In an effort to keep our campus’ appearance clean and clutter-free William Jessup University has created the following guidelines to be applied to any printed on-campus advertisements.


Advertisement Guidelines

  • All printed advertisements desired to be posted on campus must have stamped approval from the Student Life Office.
  • Approved advertisements for events happening within the Jessup community (i.e. – hosted by a department or school of the university) may be posted on approved posting locations around campus. Please see a list of approved posting locations below.
  • Approved advertisements for events happening outside the Jessup community (e.g.- churches, organizations, businesses, etc.) may be posted on the Community Board located inside the lobby of the Womack Student Life Office.
  • Approved advertisements must be remove on the date stamped when the advertisement is approved. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in posting restrictions, probation, or even removal of posting privileges.

Advertisement Approval Process

  • In order to be approved for posting advertisements must contain the following information:
    • Time, date & location of the event;
    • Contact information (name with email or phone number) for information inquiries;
    • Printed copy of the booking reservation email from MIDAS, if applicable;
    • Name of Jessup department that is sponsoring the event, if applicable.
  • Content and visual graphics must not conflict with the mission, vision, and/or policies of the University.
  • All postings must be hung with sticky tac only. No tape of any kind is permitted.
    • Sticky tac must be provided by the person or group posting the advertisement. The Student Life Office is unable to provide adhesive for advertisements.

Designated Posting Areas

  • For safety reasons, advertisements are not permitted on doors.
  • Advertisements are not permitted on the windows of any of the Residence Life buildings. If you would like to have your event advertised in the Residence Life halls please leave at least 30 extra copies of your advertisement for the Director of Residence Life to distribute to the Residence Life staff for posting within the halls.
  • All advertisements must be placed in the designated areas which are limited to:
  • The windows on the Womack Student Life Building, near the front doors.
  • Academic Courtyard classroom windows
  • Windows in the Academic Hallway (Upper and lower hallway doors; NOT classroom doors)
  • The front doors of the Music Practice Rooms building
  • Crossroads classroom windows
  • The exterior windows of the faculty offices (Please check with the Faculty Receptionist before posting)
  • The library windows
  • The back of stall doors in any on-campus bathroom
  • The stainless steel column by the main entrance to the Apartments. Extra advertisements to be distributed throughout the Apartments, including the display case, can be left with the Director of Residence Life.

Have questions? Contact the Student Life Office by sending an email to