Master of Arts in Teaching- Program Information

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Exhibiting the Character of Christ, the School of Education develops educational leaders, who reach with compassion, teach with excellence and learn for lifelong impact.


We believe that teaching is a “calling” and whether the Lord is leading you to teach at home, domestically, and/or internationally;  in a public, private, professional, church and/or non-traditional setting, we want to partner with you,  Regardless of the environment teachers make a difference in the lives of those they touch!

Welcome to the  Master of Art’s in Teaching program at William Jessup University. We believe that knowledge and skills alone are not enough to be effective change agents in the educational environment. When you think of your favorite teachers, they were most likely people of exceptional character. Those that displayed love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control, to name a few.  Our research has shown that the number one factor contributing to a student’s “favorite teacher” is a character trait.  That is why, in our program, we emphasize the importance of preparing educational leaders with the knowledge for their heads, the skills for their hands, and the character for their heart.

Master of Arts (M.A.T) in Teaching candidates will embark upon a journey where collaboration, connection, and commitment will take place in an accelerated cohort model. This journey will move swiftly. Increasingly, many of us are distracted by technology and other various entertainment entities that compete for our attention. Our hope is that you enjoy the journey and are engaged with each experience involved in your degree. The journey will have coursework, fieldwork, character development, state-mandated examinations, and a culminating thesis paper. The program has adopted the Scholar-Practitioner theoretical framework that desires to produce effective classroom instructors that understand how to research and assess their own work. Some individuals come with a well-developed scholar background and would like some support with the practice to become more comfortable with teaching. Others come with a well-developed practitioner background and would like support with the scholar side of understanding research. Whichever your case is, we have a place for you in our program. Upon the completion of the M.A.T, you will have earned a Master’s degree and a California Preliminary Teaching Credential. You can be certain that this journey will provide you with the expertise required to be an effective leader in learning in a variety of educational settings.

MAT Course Schedule Fall 2020 (Tuesday Cohort)

MAT Course Schedule Fall 2020 (Thursday Cohort)